2016 Omnilux LED

MakeTrue Solutions
Device CategoryLED
TreatmentsLED Therapy
HandpiecesAll 3 heads are included (Blue, Red, Infrared)
Consumable CostsNone
Price Purchased$55,000 + GST
Price For Sale$36,000 + GST
Engineering CheckAvailable upon request
Service ContractAvailable upon request
Available upon request
InstallationAvailable upon request
TransportationAvailable upon request
Additional InformationNotes from Clinic:

Still under warranty, the Omnilux is not only an incredible piece of equipment but is also the gold standard in LED technology and well known in the market, with treatment prices ranging from $80-$110 per treatment. The Omnilux has been instrumental in us not only getting the results we do but literally transforming serious wounds within days with the few serious cases we have been presented with eg. surgical wounds and burns.

Serial number: MB010072

Includes 2 boxes of electrode sheaths
Contact InformationEmail – info@lasertrade.com.au
Phone – 0403 964 914

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$55,000.00 $36,000.00

About The Manufacturer



GlobalMed Technologies (GMT) is a worldwide medical technology company that was established in the Bay Area of Northern California in 1996. Throughout its 20+ year history GlobalMed has represented and launched some of the most recognizable brands in the industry, including: VASER, BTL, Cool Touch, PhotoMedex, Radiancy and Omnilux.

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